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Fruit geneva, a refreshing experience

Using young geneva as a basis results in the production of fruit genevas full of character without addition of any artificial aromas or colourings and flavourings. For this purpose, the latest developments in the field of fruit juice technology are applied.

The original lemon geneva with its typical character and its high content of fruit juice is a pungent refreshment, where the pulp is filtered out to guarantee a stable quality, ideal for cocktail mixing.



The genuine cherry geneva with its nostalgic, pungent and fresh flavour is also available with stoned northern cherries in pots with clasp.


In line with the cherry geneva, Braeckman has developed an apple geneva, a blackcurrant geneva, a melon geneva, a passion fruit geneva and a pear geneva, each with its own typical flavour and spirituous charm.


All these fruit genevas are preferably consumed fresh, with an ice cube or not (on the Rocks).


Braeckman fruit geneva is now also available in miniature bottles of 4 cl


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