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Guided tours

Do you feel like visiting Braeckman Grain Distillery?

Pick up the phone to make an appointment and you can live it all in group from nearby.

Taste the geneva story: from the milling of the grains up to the bottling, the authentic distillation, the alembic, the atmosphere, the craftsmanship,... you just sense the tradition. Braeckman Grain Distillery guarantees a spirituous welcome in the setting of the Flemish Ardennes.

We offer you a video reportage "from the crop to the drop", a guided tour in the grain distillery and the opportunity to taste our products.

Minimum 25 people - maximum 50 people

Duration: 90 min.

Cost: 8,0 Euro per head


Braeckman Graanstokerij bvba, Berchemweg 61, 9700 Oudenaarde, tel. 055/30.08.88, fax. 055/30.08.92