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The history of a family business

In 1918 Achiel Braeckman started a business in spirituous beverages. The distillery and the geneva were given the name “De Blauwe Duif” (The Blue Pigeon). Now, three generations later, this same geneva is still being produced according to the original method of preparation.

Afterwards, the company was managed for four decades by the son Willy, who kept on completing the gamut in the same line.

Nowadays, Braeckman still is an independent geneva maker, where a perfect geneva product is guaranteed by the family character and the traditional know-how. Since 1987, business is run by Filip Braeckman who enlarged the gamut with a number of authentic grain genevas, fruit genevas and fine liqueurs. By building a new grain distillery in 1996, Braeckman succeeds in complementing old-fashioned tradition with high-tech acquisitions, which allows a close supervision of the quality, from the selection of the precious grains up to the bottling of the finished article. It is particularly this quality, combined with a rich family tradition of distilling geneva, which results in a unique product.

Braeckman Graanstokerij bvba, Berchemweg 61, 9700 Oudenaarde, tel. 055/30.08.88, fax. 055/30.08.92