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What is geneva?

What is Braeckman geneva?


Distilled beverage obtained by flavouring with Juniperus Communis of ethyl alcohol from agricultural raw materials and/or grain spirits and/or grain distillate with juniper berries (Council Regulation EEC No 1576/89)

In other words, the geneva production can be limited to adulterate (= diluting with water till it is ready for consumption) neutral consumption alcohol and to add flavours and extracts. In the current time of globalisation, where international concerns affect our lives directly or indirectly, it is getting increasingly difficult to gain the confidence of the consumer for high-quality products with a personal character. Products with a neutral taste are offered in large quantities and eventually lead to the fading of taste. Yet, geneva was originally not a neutral product. Thanks to the production method, the flavour and aroma of the used raw materials were distinctly perceptible in the final product, as opposed to vodka, where a neutral taste is intended.

Braeckman geneva:

Geneva emphasized by the use of personal grain spirits.

Pure, precious grains, ground in our distillery are the basic raw materials. After saccharification of the starch and fermentation, the traditional distilling process is started with a distillation column and an alembic. During distillation, the grain distillate absorbs the aroma and flavour of the grains that were used.


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